In September 2016, ISW launched the first of a multi-track program within our high school. Students take college prep coursework and pursue their academic passions now–before college–with a high school “major.” We began with a performing arts high school program, and eventually we will create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) track and a Humanities/Writing track.

Our performing arts high school program features a theater “major.” Students pursue college preparatory academic subjects as well as one to two hours of performing arts daily. Students study acting, movement for stage, voice, and stagecraft.

As a complement to the formal study of these subjects, ISW has created Huzzah Players, one of the first and only student-run high school theater companies in the US. Huzzah affords ISW theater students the opportunity to work with high school students from around the area to create performances for audiences in the larger community.

We invite you to apply to be among the first to attend ISW’s innovative new program!