ISW’s Middle School program capitalizes on the incredible brain development that characterizes the adolescent. We ask our students to tackle intellectual challenges and to take (calculated) risks that will prepare them well for high school, college, and the work world. Understanding that this phase of life is tremendously social, we provide many opportunities for students to build their social skills with one another, with a larger group of middle schools students, and through community service.


•Humanities: Integrated English and social studies approach, including global world history, current events, physical geography, economics, literature, rhetoric, poetry, grammar, and writing

•Math: 6th and 7th grade math using Prentice Hall’s Mathematics. Options for Algebra I and II and Geometry using Kendall Hunt’s Discovering series

•Science: Science and Technology Concepts, developed by the National Science Resource Center, the National Academies of Science, and the Smithsonian

•Spanish: Introductory through Spanish 3, taught by specialist

•Performing Arts: drama, poetry, dance,

•Choir: a performing group 

•Art: weekly studio classes integrated with other studies

•Experiential Ed: weekly trips and speaker based on classroom studies 

Key Elements in ISW’s Middle School program:

•Small class size with hands-on learning

•Multi-age classrooms that allow students to learn to lead and to follow

•Opportunity to work independently and in groups

•Mastery learning rather than traditional grades

•Student-paced work. ISW provides individualized challenges for each child.

•Technology, including Google Docs, Prezi, and Power Point. Students provide their own laptops.

•After-school options including Destination Imagination, yearbook, news magazine, and auditioned theater productions.