At ISW, we aspire to the best educational technology our world has to offer. We embrace technologies that lead us back to one another and that enhance our growth as human beings within a community. Educational technology should capitalize on what is best in the classroom. We introduce it with careful planning.

Our youngest students devote themselves to hands-on, nature-oriented, experiential learning. Students of this age need to move and explore the real world rather than virtual world of screens. We very deliberately employ a “no screens” policy  in our Kindergarten and Lower Elementary classrooms.  Formal technology instruction begins in the 3rd grade, and it is gradually integrated into every subject. By Middle and High School, our students bring their own laptops to school and use them daily.

We work toward four goals in our Upper Elementary and Middle School program: technology literacy, technology fluency, integration, and digital citizenship. Tomorrow’s adults need confidence using technology as a practical tool as well as wisdom about its place in modern life. We assist ISW students in developing both.

Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried. 

Thomas Jefferson