ISW students are self-motivated! The progressive notion that humans are wired to want to learn is borne out in our school every day. It’s really not about grades or external validation or a sense of “winning” an academic race. It’s about putting out everything we have, feeling the joy of discovery, moving through the pain of the grunt work, and celebrating when we achieve our goals. The ISW curriculum is set up to help students maximize their learning potential.

The ISW Curriculum:

  • Employs a theme-based approach integrated across disciplines. For example, an environmental studies project begun in social studies may extend to reading, science, math, art, physical education, and community service.
  • Includes many opportunities for students to customize their learning experiences by designing unique individual projects, creating on-line portfolios and, by Middle and High School, establishing internships and service projects with area businesses and organizations.
  • Emphasizes critical-thinking skills–the process of transforming raw information into practical knowledge.
  • Focuses on fostering a deep connection with and understanding of the natural world.
  • Promotes confidence, skill and wisdom in using the best educational technology the modern world has to offer.
  • Allows students to work in multi-grade-level groups.

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.                Maria Montessori